Whirlpool laundry center – YLTE5243DQ3


Whirlpool YLTE5243DQ Electric Laundry Center, 24in, 1.5 cu.ft, Washer Capacity, 3.4 cu.ft, Dryer Capacity, 5 Automatic Washing Cycles, 5 Automatic Dry Cycles and 4 Temperature Settings

Additional information

Washer Capacity (cu. ft.)


Dryer Cycle selections

Cool Down, Energy Preferred Auto Dry, Fluff Air 10, Fluff Air 20, Less Dry, Timed Dry 10, Timed Dry 20, Timed Dry 30, Timed Dry 40, Timed Dry 50, Very Dry

Number of dryer cycles


Washer Cycle selections

Delicates, Heavy Duty, Normal, Prewash, Soak, Super Wash

Number of Wash Cycles


Temperature Selections

Cold, Hot, Warm


Overall Width: 23 7/8"
Overall Height: 71 3/4"
Washer Height: 32 1/8"
Dryer Height: 27 5/8"
Depth of Washer: 27 1/4"
Depth of Dryer: 21 5/16"

Wash system

Capacity: 1.5 cu. ft.
Wash & Spin Speeds: 2
Gentle Wash System: Yes
Agitator: Surgilator
Lint Filter: Yes

Washer controls

Automatic Cycles: 5
Super Wash: Yes
Regular/Heavy: Yes
Permanent Press: Yes
Delicate: Yes
Prewash: Yes
Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 4
Water Levels: 3

General information - Washer

Direct Drive Motor (hp): 1/2
Transition Panel: Yes
Self-Leveling Rear Legs: Yes
Tripod 3-Point Suspension: Yes
Polpropylene Tub: Yes
Corrugated Drain Hose: Yes
Rip Cord Suspension: Yes
Front Serviceability: Yes

Drying system

Drum Volume: 3.4 cu. ft.
Dry-Miser Control: Automatic
Gentle Heat System: Yes
Lint Screen: Yes

Dryer controls

Temperature Settings: 3
Automatic Cycles: 5
Auto Regular: Yes
Auto Permanent Press: Yes
Timed Drying: Yes
Tumble Press: Yes
Fluff Air: Yes
Push-to-Start Button: Yes
End-of-Cycle Signal: Yes

General information - Dryer

4-Way Venting: Yes
Electrical Requirements: 240V/208V
Electric Heating Element (watts): 3600
180° Side-Swing Door: Yes
Baked Acrylic Enamel Cabinet Finish: Yes
DuraWhite Drum Finish: Yes
Variator Baffles: Yes
Approximate Shipping Weight: 276


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